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New Movie

2008-07-26 20:40:33 by SrgLemon


For some reason..

2008-05-17 13:55:17 by SrgLemon

I feel like killing the Agnry Faic in Classic Doom. Is their a NG mod for Classic Doom? If not, someone should make one.

For some reason..

Website Almost Compleat!

2008-04-20 10:02:09 by SrgLemon

I have almost finished my website SrgHands . It is looking great. I need to edit a few more things, but then it will be finished. Please comment on my site so far. Constructive Criticism is appreciated.

Website out!...Sorta

2008-04-06 19:23:47 by SrgLemon

My website has been kinda released. Its not completely finished, but its getting there! Soon it will be a full flash page so keep an eye out for updates. Click Here To View My Site.

Edit! My site is having some technical difficulties. I am working on the cure so please don't judge the site on what it is now.

Website out!...Sorta

If you wana tell me something...

2008-04-02 18:35:23 by SrgLemon

Do it with my e-mail.


If you wana tell me something...

What ever you do....

2008-03-31 16:31:04 by SrgLemon

don't post internet memes.

For those who don't know...

2008-03-05 18:41:06 by SrgLemon

I am HandShades.