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My first lines.

2009-01-10 07:56:53 by SrgLemon

After about 2 years since founding the duders with Derek and Jason, I finally got my first line in Sword Shavin. Why did I not get any lines until now? I moved. Not sure why I couldn't do them at home. Once I moved though, we kinda lost touch for quite some time. Jason and Derek barely talked to each other, one of our friends left our little circle just to spend time with one person, and more.

I moved back to the town about a year and a half later and we got back together. We started hanging again and discussing the future of the duders. And, that one friend that ditched us, well their sibling is now in their place. XD

However, I find I strange how whenever I move away, my friends kinda start hating each other or lose contact with each other. It's like I'm the link that holds my friends together, and when I leave, they fall apart and separate.

That's my story. Right now I'm working on helping out with the forum in any way I can. Mainly to get more traffic. ^-^


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